Browser Chance Music
- imperceptible internet activity revealed -

Browser Chance Music (BCM) creates a space for a radically different relationship between user and software. Activating this audiovisual system with your own smartphone gives a sonic and visual presence to the evanescent and imperceptible internet activity that emanates from an object which is often quite personal, but largely unknown. Defamiliarizing the smartphone and revealing the aesthetics of its operation opens the doors to a new relationship with our constant companion.

Interactive Audiovisual Installation

On Friday October 15, 2021, the public was invited to participate in a live installation of Browser Chance Music at the Royal College of Music (KMH). To join the BCM performance, the audience connected to a specifically configured WiFi network with their favorite mobile device. While on the network, every packet that their applications send and receive from the Web were passed to a custom built sonification system. Data on who owns the server being communicated with, where the server is located, how much data is being exchanged and how active the connection is were fused into an immersive sonic and visual experiences.

Lilla Salen

Browser Chance Music at the Royal College of Music, Stockholm, was installed in Lilla Salen. A sound dome hangs from the ceiling of this hall, surrounding the audience with 29 speakers, not including the four subwoofers, in its smaller configuration.

At Visualia 2020

In September 2020, we performed a first BCM installation at the AV event Visualia organised by Nordic Audiovisual Artists (NAVA) in Reaktorhallen. Click here to see more documentation from this event!


The re|thread software art collective, in collaboration with Henrik Friskt thank the following supporters of the BCM installation: the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)), the Royal College of Music (KMH)), the CASTOR, and NAVET research centers.