a re|thread installation

loam is an installation tying the exhibition and themes together.

a central sculpture

A central sculpture presents the names of all contributors to open-source software used in all artworks of the exhibition, displayed on screens and hardware of different eras. Thermal printers continue to print out the list throughout the exhibition, building up a pile of printouts within the sculpture of screens, computers and wires.

loam preliminary render preliminary render

digital plaques

Connected to the central sculpture, digital plaques list the developers that contributed to the software used in each particular artwork, reinterpreting classical museum plaques.

sound work

As a truly audiovisual exhibition, a localised sound work will permeate the space. Visitors will be given location sensing headphones giving access to a soundscape that varies as they walk around the exhibition pieces.

The soundscape is a work of sound art, complementing the other pieces and engaging with the same themes as loam. It will also accommodate any sound aspects of the exhibited pieces. Deaf or hard of hearing people can experience the exhibition without the sound work.