sys|calls Photo: @glidephotos - Martynas Justinevicius


When: June 15, 17 and 18, 2023, at 20.00

Where: Turbine Hall, KTH Drottning Kristinas väg 14, Stockholm

While we perform our daily software tasks, such as emailing, web browsing, scrolling through social media or listening to music, these tasks are sending millions of messages to control the computer. They are called system calls.

sys|calls is a live audiovisual installation that reveals this intangible and extraordinary software activity in real-time.
During each performance, an artist carries out mundane software activities, thus producing a flow of system calls. Visuals are generated live and projected on the ground on a 6m x 10m surface in the KTH Turbine Hall. Music is also generated, in sync with the visuals, and broadcasted through mutliple speakers in the room. The audience is immersed in the vast software activity and can walk within the system calls through the hall, or simply lay inside the inner workings of software.

The processes to generate visuals and music live, from the system calls, were programmed specifically for this installation, by the artists.

render sys|calls with an audience. Photo: @glidephotos - Martynas Justinevicius


  • June 15 at 20.00
  • June 17 at 20.00
  • June 18 at 20.00
Each performance lasted 18 minutes and 21 seconds.

render render sys|calls during performances. Photos: @glidephotos - Martynas Justinevicius


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sys|calls in the world

2023-06-20 KTH University on Instagram


sys|calls was designed and developed by Jaime Reyes and the re|thread collective: Erik Natanael Gustafsson, Maria Kling, Roni Kaufman, and Benoit Baudry.

sys|calls was supported by the KTH Royal Institute of Technology and the Wallenberg Autonomous Systems, Software and AI Program (WASP). Special thanks to Leif Handberg (KTH) for his support and for giving us access to an amazing space.

We are extremely grateful to Leif Handberg, Martynas Justinevicius, Javier Cabrera, Martin Jofs, the EMS staff and Vello for their essential support throughout the project.