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re|thread is an open collective of computer scientists, artists, and designers, in Stockholm (Sweden). Our work lies at the intersection between software technology, art, interaction design, sonification, and visualization, and focuses on the use of software as the material and medium for artistic creation. Our work is fueled by the interest to explore the dynamic nature of software from multiple perspectives, addressing its many layers; from the sublimity and detail of each execution to the societal and political impact it has on our lives.

Through our work we aim to establish emotional and reflective bonds between citizens and the software that constantly surrounds us, transforming the way we experience software, and allowing for participation and collective imaginings of what software is and what we might want it to be. We see art as a means to explore these affective connections. Through artifacts and performances, we intend to cultivate curiosity of the scientific and technical aspects of software which appear to many as a “black box”. When presenting these obscure and perplexing concepts as open or shared and as aesthetically enchanting, knowledge about software can become accessible to citizens, allowing for informed decisions and more radically diverse systems of education and production.

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Projects / experiments


A playful installation for children with old computer parts and generative sound and visuals.


An ongoing collection of pieces exploring the software and data structures triggered when searching for a query on


The interactive installation ci-poetry simulates the concept of collaborative coding or continuous integration (CI) through generative poetry creation. The installation has been designed for the specific context of R1, Sweden’s first reactor hall, now dismantled and used as a cultural venue. In the installation, a collective poem is composed and sonified by 12 “poets” who each contribute with a line of their own source poem.

ci art hackathon 2019

Passionate and creative software students, software developers, artists, designers and curious citizens participated in the first ever performance of software art based on continuous integration data. During this hackathon, 23 teams delved into the extraordinary activity that occurs in a continuous integration server through visual and sound representations.

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  • tangible interaction
  • sound
  • screen-based
  • installation

rethread in the world

Fotografiska AV Meetup February 2020

We had such inspiring conversations with artists and scientists alike at the AV meetup organised at Fotografiska Studio Live. A big thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts and ideas on our work and their own!

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